Companies are looking for new business opportunities, markets and cost reductions from digitalization of services and products. Term Industrial Internet is used to describe trend, where industrial or medical devices are connected to the Internet and cloud services with the aim of changing business model from just producing devices to the service-oriented way, decreasing the maintenance costs, and to reach new market segments. The first step for a company entering the era of Industrial Internet is crucial. Wrong choice in selecting platform, cloud service or technologies may result in situation where in the case of problems the company is locked-down with the selected choices and changing them will be complex and expensive process. Thus, this project aims to support companies’ strategic decisions when medical products or software are used in industrial Internet context. The strategic work is based on defining reference architecture describing all relevant services and components. The architecture will result in proof-of-concept of implementation with the current state-of-the-art implementations. Future landscape will be analyzed to build a road-map to assess long-term effects for technology selections. In addition, global regulatory environment for medical platforms will be investigated.